glen hollow is smoke free 

There is absolutely no smoking allowed in either the Main House or Guest House at Glen Hollow. If you must enjoy the cancer-inducing bliss of tobacco in the outdoors please bring your cigarette butts with you when you leave as opposed to leaving them in our garden or driveway. 


minimum stay

A minimum stay of three nights is required at Glen Hollow during the following months:

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September

A minimum stay of two nights is required in all other months.


pet Policies

(Well-behaved) Dogs Welcome!

A few rules:

  • Please make every effort to keep your furry friends off the furniture. Doggy beds are available in the closets under the stairs in both the Main House and Guest House.
  • Limit of two dogs on premises.
  • All pets must be house-broken at time of arrival.
  • Tick and flea prevention should be in place before your visit—we do have ticks in the gully so be careful.
  • Clean up after your friends do their thing! Bags are stored with doggy beds under the stairs. Please dispose directly into outdoor trash container (use bin with black top: don't put these into the recycle bin which has a green top!)
  • Leashes. We invite you to let your domesticated wolves enjoy the property leash-free with a few stipulations:
    • Do NOT let them harm the wildlife, especially our foxes!
    • Be VERY careful out front. Cars come down the hill from Bristol Harbour well in excess of the speed limit, and can be a danger to your friend if they suddenly decide to meet someone new across the street.
    • As mentioned elsewhere on this site, our country road is extremely popular with walkers. If your friends can't contain their excitement, please help them to do so. 
  • Please note that our friends at Finger Lakes Premier will charge you an extra $108/dog cleaning charge for your visit. 

Sorry, but due to allergies, cats are not allowed at this time.